Monday, March 2, 2009

Horrible News/Great News Today!

So - bad news first.

I didn't get into the one Ph.d program I applied to this year :(
It sucks BIG TIME - but, everything happens for a reason I suppose.

Good news! Christian is going to have a photoshoot this week for an article the local newspaper is doing on him and his art! WooooHoooo!! I can't wait and hope that there is a decent amount of sales/traffice because of it!

In an effort to declutter the shop and move some of my jewelry out I've put most of my jewelry on uber sale. Check it out if you can! I'd love to have it all gone before the article runs this weekend!


  1. If it doesn't all go- you can also temporarily "hide" it, by going into "edit" and abandoning it, it will remain in your inactive listings and you can reactivate the listings by proceeding through the whole selection of pages in the edit process to "finish."

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    Nothing has gone yet :/ This has been the slowest week for us EVER!!

  3. You both have such a unique style and sense of creativity....I have given your blog an award....check out my blog for all the hype!