Thursday, March 26, 2009

We now have an angel kitty!

Thank you to all those who have been thinking of our little family!

Friday night Prince started having trouble breathing and moaning in pain so we decided it was time. We took him to the emergency clinic around 10 p.m. with the intention of putting him down. When we finally got into the exam room the tech took his temp and we found it was FINALLY normal and the swelling in his arm had gone down! We were so hopefull!

Than we noticed little red spots on his arm and tummy - the doctor was very worried about those as they could have indicated internal bleeding/bruising. She wanted to run some bloodwork since his levels were pretty off last time blood was taken (a few days ago).
So she did and discovered that he was clinically anemic. She said a blood transfusion had to take place if we wanted him to have a chance of making it. That entail $1000 per NIGHT (could have taken numerous transfusions) and only a 5o/50 chance.

After talking it over briefly we decided to go for it - hell, a 50% chance we could have our baby for years more?

They started to prep him for an IV and we ran home (around midnight now) to get his meds that we left there. When we got back the tech asked us to wait for a few minutes because the Doc needed to see us (That's never good).

After waiting an HOUR in the lobby she brings us in to tell us the bad news. When the techs were shaving his arm to get the IV ready they finally saw how horrible his bruising was. They did more bloodwork while we had been gone and found he was past repair :( The doc mentioned something about bone marrow, but we wern't really paying attention anymore.

We made the decision quickly - the doctor (who was a total angel) said she would have done the same if it was her cat.

They brought him in on a kitty bed and with a towel over him so we couldn't see his shaved arm. He was in obvious pain - we said our goodbyes - she did the euthanasia quick - and he was gone.

The techs made us a little imprint of his paw in clay right after for us. They were all so kind to us.

Our house feels so empty without him now. Even though we still have his brother (who were terribly worried about now since he is also FIV positive) its just not the same.

He was cremated yesterday and is now back home with us - in spirit and remains.

Please - if you have a pet - love on them today for us! and for prince :)


  1. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. This post brought me to tears. Your family is in my thoughts.

  2. *tears* Take care you both- I will give my kitty big big hugs for you and for prince!

  3. Wow...there aren't words, your devastation must be immense and it will probably take some time b4 things are back to "normal"~~I am truly very sad for you as I have ashes of my three angels in antique urns & ink wells here in Hawaii with us, as well as Bugsy's little "claydoh" pawprint(isn't that the best idea..having that little paw right there to look at whenever you feel lonely?)...Just know Prince is in a better place waiting for you both(my three will keep him company!)...You are in my prayers, as well as your other cat..God bless...Dava

  4. I wasn't following before and just found your blog. I knew your kitty has passed but I didn't know of what. I have had two cats also die from this, with the first I watched her suffer to the point of not eating, not walking, her fur even fell out. It is such a horrible thing. :( I have two kitties currently and I can't imagine losing one of them. My heart is with you guys.

  5. I'm on your Etsy Dark Team, and just found your blog. This post brought me to tears, I'm so sorry you lost your kitty. I have two cats, and it breaks my heart thinking about when that day comes for them. My thoughts and good blessings are with you. Leila

  6. i probably read that too late,but i cant stop crying...i absolutely understand how you felt!i am so sorry for your little prince!:'(