Friday, February 20, 2009

Nightmare Anthology ... JEWELRY!

My gf has caught the etsy bug! She just listed her first jewelry set tonight and we posted the listing in the critiques forum and it got rave reviews - she was floored lol.

Please let us know what you think!


  1. I LOVE it! Your style is very unique. You should do very well selling here on etsy. Can't wait to see more.

  2. OMG! I have a thing for keys, so I'm in lust with it :D

    Can't wait to see more from your gf!

  3. I saw that lastnight; very Cool set. Etsy is catching isn't it? Good luck to your gf and yourself and looking forward to more work from both of you!!

  4. Very cool! I love it! My only suggestions would be:

    1. Take the pics of the items in natural lighting without a flash.

    2. List what the jewelry is made of. Is it gold? Bronze? Copper? Some people have certain allergies.

    3. Be a bit more specific about the measurements. How long is the actual necklace chain? How long is the actual pendant? You say 16" that just the chain?

    Otherwise, it's gorgeous!!

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're going to take photos of it 'in action' (on her) outside today and we will take more specific measurements.

    We're not sure what to do about the materials though - she had the pieces for forever and threw out the packaging they came in. She look on the websites of the companies they were from and they didn't even list it!

  6. Those pieces are beautiful!

    If the companies they were from don't list the materials and they were inexpensive the chains could be 'base metal.' It is important to list what the metals are for people who have allergies. Even a statement saying that she isn't sure what the metal is will warn those with allergies they may not be able to wear it and those without allergies generally don't mind if they love the pieces.

    Please have her be careful about wearing earrings in product photos. Many people are creeped out by buying earrings that were previously worn. I could be wrong but I seem to remember hearing years ago that it is illegal to try on earrings at a store unless they can truly sanitizes them after because of the possibility of spreading infections.

    I wish your gf and you the best of success!


  7. Ash - I agree TOTALLY! She definitely didn't want to model the earrings because she gets weirded out when she sees people modeling them also!

    She'll probably just wear both the necklace and bracelet at the same time, and hold her hand near her chest so she can get both in one photo - use the other photo slots to get close ups (in natural lighting - no flash!) of the details.

    Thanks for all teh advice! I appreciate how helpful and insightful everyone has been!

  8. You're very welcome. I love helping people when I can.

    Here's a thought... I haven't done this myself but have heard this suggestion before... Print out a photo of her ear and spry mount it to a piece of card board and use that for an in ear photo. Just state in the listing that it isn't a real ear. Or even better since your work matches the style of her jewelry so well make a drawing of an ear she could use!

    There should be at least one photo of the earrings hanging some how. I haven't listed any post earrings so it is easy to hook a french ear wire on something but posts are a bit tougher. I have seen several buyer comments on Etsy asking for jewelry makers to show photos of earrings hanging rather than always on a flat surface.

  9. i think those are super cute. great work and worthy of etsy definetly.

  10. Ash - the drawing is a great idea! I have a small canvas so I could draw a portrait of a face and she can 'hang' the earrings on the ears. How perfect!

    Thanks for giving me more work to do today lol! :D

    Thanks thelostboys!

  11. So beautiful and elegant, but in a uniquely classical way. Tell her to whip up some more! :D lol, very fine work!