Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BurntMill Soap Review

Nightmares Gf here!

Last week we received an offer for a full size sample from burntmill soap shop. Even though we just won the awesome giveaway basket from the CYA/SAFE soap team this is our first time actually trying handmade soap!

First off - I was surprised to see how much it lathered! I know that is a concern many first time soap buyers have and I can tell you it DEFINITELY gives off as much bubbles as commercial soap (maybe more even!)

Secondly - the soap left my skin feeling clean AND hydrated. No weird residue, no slimey-ness, nothing but cleanliness and softness!

Finally, the smell is delicious! She sent a bar of Forbidden Fruit and a small ball of stonehenge. Forbidden Fruit smells a lot like tutti frutti - very fragrant and sweet!
Stonehenge is definitely more subtle and somewhat more 'masculine' - although it still is very gender neutral (I LOVE it!).

Here is the forbidden fruit we received (I tried to take my own photos but they looked like crud - so this is from her etsy shop)

And here is stonehenge!

Best of all - this particular batch of stonehenge came out a little too dark, so it's on sale for only $2.50! I would definitely grab some if I were you! :D

Thank you so much for the soap burntmill - I've had a wonderful first experience with handmade now!
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  1. Ah, I see we're gonna turn you 2 into soap junkies!! As your experience shows, handmade soap is totally different from store bought. Did you know that the store bought kind is so over processed that most of the glycerin is taken out, leaving a harsh bar of, well, detergent behind? Handmade still has the glycerin in it, which is why it's so much better for the skin.

  2. I am so glad you both liked the soap and thanks for the great review! :)

  3. Just finally stopping by to say congrats on winning our V-Day giveaway! Hope you enjoy all of the awesome will need to let us know when you get it and do a little review!! Great Blog by the way!!