Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of the things I love most about etsy is the fact that I can trade for some AMAZING items! The latest trade was with SojournCuriosities who does some of the most unbelievable wire wrapping I've ever seen! She was nice enough to trade two of her pieces for an original painting of mine. I got the red heart key piece and she made a beautiful purple wire wrapped key necklace for my gf. I'm planning on making a custom shadow box to display my piece in :)

Pictured below are the two items we received today - but be sure to visit her shop for dozens more!!


  1. That background is amazing! Might I inquire as to it's origins? Thanks so much for your kind words, too!

  2. I got the paper from - Michaels or JoAnns, can't remember which one! If I come across it again I'll pick you up a few :)