Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally - New Art!!

I have been so busy with school and my internship over the last few weeks that I've really been neglecting my etsy shop. I had a wonderful customer purchase a few things over the weekend that wiped out almost half my artwork! (Which I'm SO not complaining about lol).

My goal this weekend was to get 7-10 new pieces done...which is a lofty goal but luckilly I've finished one so far!

"Snowfall on Silence" - The second photo is of the piece tilted so you can see the snow better!


  1. Wow! That piece is really remarkable. Another one I'm in love with!

  2. P.S. If I sell a few pieces this weekend, that is definitely coming home with me (that is, if it is not already snatched up!)

  3. Ohhh - well, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you sell, sell, sell!


    My gf is wearing your necklace and it looks beautiful on her! I think she'll probably sleep in it for the next week lol.

  4. haha I thought this was a "spot the difference"!

  5. This piece is hauntingly romantic and the second photo showing the snow :D...God bless..Dava