Wednesday, February 25, 2009 are the goodies from our giftbasket!!! I was suprised to see that they actually included a basket, most 'basket' giveaways don't because of shipping. The CYA/SAFE team doesn't play around with their giveaways!!

Let me try to give a shout out to the individual stores who included their items! (pictures and some descriptions taken from their etsy shops!) Sent this AMAZING perfume! (Her #3). It contains Orange blossom, magnolia, apple, lime, strawberry, sandalwood, clove, patchouli, amber and the tiniest hint of baby powder and as she describes it is the 'most hauntingly sensual' fragrance! She also included her "Voodoo Love" soap which I'm not sure if this is the same as the photo I took from her etsy (that photo is of Infinito Amore) but it's totally a fun and super flirty smell! I can see myself using this after a day at the beach before going out for drinks or something :D Sent a full bar of her 'serenity' soap. OMG - this smell is to die for! It's subtle but sexy like woah and I cannot WAIT to use this! "This bar has gentle notes of French Lavender, Fir Pine, Egyptian Jasmine and sweetened with vanilla then to balance soft notes of delicate musk."I love that when I smell the soap I can actually smell each individual fragrance in their equally - she's like a fragrance genuis or something lol. Included her Almond Champagne bar - again, the smell is just a perfect combination of fragrances without being to strong - Christian loves this one!! It's described as "A sweet and fizzy champagne with a delicate almond scent" - who doesn't love champagne and almonds lol. Sent her Chocolate Bliss bar - now...this may shock you since I am in fact a female but I'm not actually a huge fan of chocolate. I don't eat it regularly and have never been "OMG" over the fragrance BUT...this soap is definitely the exception! I can't WAIT to try it and I hope I smell just like the bar when I get out! I must admit I thought about licking the bar - just a little bit - because it smells so delicious! Thank goodness SoapScentsations included her Pomegranate Loofah disc soap because I surely need it lol! I LOVE Pomegranates and her soap is so simple and natural smelling/looking and I can't wait to scrub down with this! :D Sent her Cherry Lime Mint Soap and not only is it my favorite color (pink) but a scent combination that I never would have thought of that smells SO PERFECT together!! I haven't even taken the plastic off yet (trying to keep these babies for a while!) and I can smell the beautiful fragrance completely through it - this is like, luxury hotel type soap folks lol. Woohoo now the 'fun' stuff! :D The Muddy Moose sent in Cinnamon massage oil and a massage candle! Now I was curious as to what a 'massage candle' was but the instructions are clear: Burn candle, blow out candle, use candle wax in massage! Umm...yea, can't wait to try this and her edible massage oil as well!!! Christian and I are already fighting over this! Thistle Delight sent in Three Butter Bliss intense Moisture and it feels INCREDIBLE! Christian wants to claim it for himself but I think we may be mature enough to share it equally :) included her Earth Tones Salt Scrub (different from pictured above!) which I will probably be out of in a few weeks because I WILL be using this religiously! It has everything in it from Dead Sea Salts to Olive Oil and Shea Butter and its like, your skin winning the lottery! sent in a gift certificate to get 3 of her bath bombs which I LOVE and will be ordering very soon!

Now - My BIGGEST apologies but in my excited frenzy of opening up everything I've misplaced the tags for two items! If someone from the CYA/SAFE team could let me know who sent these two I would appreciate it! One was the original poo soap (LOL!) and the other was Rose-a-Liscious and the tag looks like it says zozea.etsy com but that's not a valid shop.

So, my biggest, biggest, BIGGEST thanks to everyone who contributed to the basket!! I LOVE it and am seriously taking it out of the linen closet every few hours just to take them all out and smell them one at a time again lol.

You gals ROCK!!!


  1. Thanks for the great write-up. the Poo soaps is from

    and the rose soap is from

    Enjoy all of your stuff, and thanks again for everything!

  2. Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful write up you gave my 3 butter bliss. I am so pleased you love it. Enjoy this basket, and SHARE!!! {:OD

  3. You RAWK! Thanks so much for the awesome write up on our basket. And yes....the Infinito Amore and Voodoo Love ARE the same soap.
    You're a doll!

  4. Great write up and congratulations on your winnings! It was a pleasure for our team to sponsor this event! And thank you for the kind comments about my Serenity bar!
    Signed - "Ms. Genius" LOL!

  5. Yes, I'm sure you 2 are mature enough to share, but you can always stop by any of the shops and get more, ya know!

  6. WHoo HOoO! Awesome write up! Thanks so much and deserve it!

  7. Congratulations NA! It's always a pleasure chatting with you in the chatrooms! I'm glad you finally get the chance to pamper yourself with so many goodies! Thank you for fab writeup about my soap too, you ROCK!

  8. I'm so glad that you enjoyed our basket of goodies and thanks for the awesome writeup. Yes, the Organic Rose~A~Liscious soap is from my shop at

    Zozca Soaps